film material


no. 1 – Otjesd



This artist book brings together visual and text documents, preparatory interviews, as well as a synopsis of the film Otjsd (Leaving), presented at the Biennial of Moscow 2004.


Edited by Clemens von Wedemeyer and Till Gathmann,

produced by Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, 2005


Filmmaterial 1 (Otjesd)

56 p. & 8 color pages and 24 text images., brochure. - Text in german. & russian. With translations in english and french.

Text: Clemens von Wedemeyer, Victor Schulmann, Eiko Grimberg et alii

Frankfurt, 2005

ISBN: 3-86588-148-3




no. 2 – Silberhöhe/ Die Siedlung

no. 3 – Rien du Tout (Gar nichts)

no. 4 – first contact - information on the ‘fourth wall’